The Most Psychedelic Way to Sleep Better

I’m sure this video has you asking yourself a lot of questions like, “What the hell is Kaley doing?” I was hesitant to try this at first, having only seen this light used by (what I used to think of as) spiritual extremists from Los Angeles. But I’m really glad I did. My friend Jerry brought the Lucia Light to a get-together and was kind enough to take us all through this amazingly psychedelic experience! We also caught up later so he could tell me more about the light.

What is this and why should I care?

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The Lucia Light is like a massage for your brain. It’s a computer-controlled strobe lamp that puts you in a hypnagogic state. Hypna-whaaat? Hypnagogia is the feeling you experience right before you fall asleep or wake up, the state of consciousness between the dream-world and reality. Impressionist artists like Salvador Dali used hypnagogia for inspiration. Dali would make himself fall asleep and hold a key over a plate so that when he fell asleep, the key hitting the plate would wake him up. He  would then start drawing, and his renowned art came from this hypnagogic state of mind.

There was also a mystic from the mid-1900s named Neville Goddard who taught the art of manifestation. He lectured his students to get themselves into the “state akin to sleep” and said that from that state of mind, you could  imagine the world you want and carry that into the waking world.

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Fast forward to a few years ago, and a  psychologist and a neurologist figured out how to instantly access this state of mind through the Lucia Light.

What’s in it for me?

On the most approachable level, the Lucia Light is deeply relaxing and  reduces anxiety, stress and depression. It leads to a more restful sleep and cures insomnia. It increases creativity, intuition, inner peace and emotional stability and releases hormones related to health and longevity.

Depending on your experience with meditation, it is even said to help access out-of-body experiences, inner journeying, dissolution of the sensation of time and transcendence (beyond the physical body/world).

This light puts its “travelers” into the same meditative states, in just a few minutes,  as meditation practitioners who have years of experience.

OK, but how?!

The light passes through your eyelids to activate the the pineal gland in your brain, causing your mind to create “NeuroArt”, a visual experience that is different for everyone because it’s created by you. Coupled with low-fi beats, the mind combines the light with music and actually creates the experience of SEEING music. You read that right.

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Jerry explained, “It’s the way your brain processes things. Your conscious brain is trying to tell yourself a story. It’s basically trying to understand what is going on, but the way it’s doing that is through your conscious mind that only speaks to you through symbols and symbolic meaning.”

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My Experience

Funky hip hop music played through my headphones. I closed my eyes, and the light started doing its thing. I was instantly at ease, but what struck me was the range of emotion. At first, I wanted to start laughing out loud for no reason at all. I had to pinch myself because I didn’t want the others to wonder if I’d lost it. Within seconds, I was back in a deep relaxation, almost like I was  floating in a soft bubble . Emotions did rise to the surface, and it became clear which moments throughout the year had created them. Then they would pass, followed by more relaxation. It was as if they had been healed.

The most beautiful patterns started flooding my eyelids: cascading gold stars, glittering diamonds and swirls of color. It was like my brain had created its very own light show, and it underscored for me how wonderfully intelligent our brain really is, something we may not notice in a more conscious state.

All of that happened in about 7 minutes, and while this was my experience, everyone’s is different because your mind becomes the artist of the experience.

What to expect

I was sitting, but you can choose to lay down for your own session. Jerry, or your guide, will ask you about your experience with meditation and choose a program from there based on “what kind of roller coaster you want to ride”. You will do a short, guided meditation to connect with your breath and get grounded. You’ll start with a couple short sessions and then move into the longer, final session. The full session will last about an hour total. Afterwards, you can choose to have some space to relax, write and come back to reality or talk about it over some tea.

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“Everyone should give the Lucia a try for the experience of knowing how your brain works. We experience a hypnagogic state every night and every morning, and we chalk it up to “oh i was just dreaming”.  The Lucia Light allows you to experience this phenomenon more fully and to observe your own creative process. It’s your own art, and you can do that without taking any drugs or stimulants. It’s about having a controlled imagination and controlled awareness of self.

Like anything, it requires time and practice. You have to want to learn calmness, learn ease. Those are natural states, but sometimes you need to re-learn them.”

Check out Jerry’s website for more information or to be put in touch with a practitioner.

The Lucia No.3 is completely safe for the eyes as the eyelids are closed.  It is only contra-indicated for those with light-sensitive epilepsy due to its stroboscopic function. Those who are pregnant and/or those under 18 are currently not advised to experience the Lucia  No.3.

Please consult your healthcare provider prior to your session if you are taking any medications or have concerns. A hypnagogic light experience is neither medicine nor psychotherapy.

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