Moon Wisdom: Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice is today! A day to celebrate lavish abundance as the sun shares her life-giving power for the longest stretch of time all year. Use the summer solstice to honor all that has grown and blossomed for you and everything that helped you get here since the winter solstice back in December.

If you’re feeling stuck, don’t forget to play! Laughter and joy could be just the thing to snap you out of a slump and back into creative productivity. Your goal: Make magic every day. Start by imagining that your morning coffee or tea is filled with love! Or prosperity! Or health! Invite your rituals (even if it’s your daily commute) to nourish you by finding a way to celebrate yourself or your day.

Journaling prompt: What experiences do I want to draw into my life over the next six months? Do I need to adjust my self-care routines to honor myself, my needs and goals more fully?

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