How to Melt Stress Away and Trust the Process with Madeline Giles

We sat down in Los Angeles with Madeline Giles, founder of Angelic Breath Healing to discuss matters of trusting yourself, following your heart, launching a business and of course, angels.

Zenzista: What is Angelic Breath Healing?

Madeline Giles: Angelic Breath Healing is a breathwork practice–an active breathing meditation–where the intention is to assist the breather in connecting with their body’s energy.

Breath is such a powerful way to open our heart so we can have a more tangible experience of divine support and angelic help. Breath can help us create a greater awareness of how our emotions and our energy are operating in the subtle dynamic of our life.

Z: Introducing a new concept to the world isn’t easy. How did you work through any fears or resistance when launching ABH?

MG:  I had taken a lot of action before launching ABH. I moved across country, I left my job, I left a romantic relationship. I’m not saying that’s what needs to happen and I definitely had fears before teaching classes; it felt scary and uncomfortable.There are definitely fears and resistance, but I felt so connected to my own experience and connected to my heart and connected to something that felt much bigger than me I didn’t feel like, oh, this is me doing this.

I wouldn’t do anything if it was just me going in front of people talking about angels. To me, that’s a big misunderstanding. I don’t care if people believe in [angels]. I’m not trying to convince people of anything, like, this has been great for me and I want to hold the space for you. I’ve learned to tell myself that [every class] doesn’t have to be amazing.

Z: You travel all over the world. How does your social community play a role in your life?    

MG: I’ve found our friends and our relationships are a reflection of our willingness to be who we are.

The more I’ve relaxed into who I am and what I enjoy, I realize that I’ve met some of my dearest friends who feel like family; people I wouldn’t have met if I was pretending that I didn’t love angels or that I wasn’t always doing what I’m doing. And also releasing judgment that [being myself] is weird. It’s just like, whatever, this is who I am.

Z: You recently wrapped up teacher training for ABH. What was that experience like for you?

MG: The experience itself, like all of my business creations, is that I pretty much flail myself off a cliff. At least at this point. I don’t know if I’ll always do that but now, if I feel in resonance with something, even if it’s a massive thing like creating a teacher training, I’ll just try it and see what happens. So that’s what I did and it was such an amazing experience.

There were six women who went through the experience and all of us transformed. I learned even more about what ABH is and it comes back to, it’s not all about the form, it’s about the essence. It’s such a  beautiful alchemy when people come together in a container with the intention to connect deeply and to serve.

Z: How to do you trust the process and when do you know when it’s time to leave?

MG: I trust the process because I am. I’m here. Life is moving. The less expectation or attachment that I have around things being the way I think it needs to be [helps me] trust the process; Which doesn’t always mean that everything is easy and flowing and you’re not going to stumble because we’re souls having a human experience and we’re here to learn, we’re here to experience, so sometimes our intuition will guide us into an inwardly or outwardly challenging experience so that we can directly interface with the thing that we’re here to learn.

This actually happened with Teacher Training. I decided I was going to offer Spring Teacher Training but every time I started to take action I felt a sense of heaviness. And a sense of I don’t want to do that. It’s not time. I need more space for integration. Even though some people had signed up, I opened to the possibility that there were more options that I wasn’t seeing and decided not to offer it. Once I made that decision I felt so much lighter.

And that’s the thing–I don’t think you can make a wrong choice. Everything is going to lead you back home eventually. So trusting the process is about trusting where you are. Trust that you’re here in a body doing what you’re doing and you can make a new choice at any moment and that support is always available to us.

Z: Do you have advice or a ritual for maintaining a relationship with angels?

MG: Connecting to spirit, to soul, to God–whatever you use–is all about connecting within. Anything that connects you deeper to yourself. Whether it’s being in awe of a beautiful sunset or experiencing a gut feeling, oh, I want to call this person. Anything that connects us into ourselves is a practice I would recommend for connecting with angels because we’re not separate from angels. They vibrate through the consciousness of our heart.

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