Find Out If Your Aura Is Off And What You Can Do About It

When we think about health, our physical body is usually the first thing to come to mind (i.e. how many times we have – or haven’t – hit the gym this week and the never-ending search for the just-right diet), but our energy body can completely rule our thoughts and emotions. Cameron Giles is an intuitive energy healer who was recommended to me by a friend. I met her for some energy work and instantly wanted to learn more. The results were noticeable. I had found myself in a bit of a slump. I knew I wanted to start writing again and exactly what I should be writing about, but I was having trouble working up the motivation to really go for it. Almost immediately after meeting with Cameron, it was like I had my marching orders and couldn’t wait to let my creativity run wild. All of my apprehensions kind of just fizzled away, and it didn’t just stop at writing. All of a sudden, I felt like I could do anything. I couldn’t wait to sit down with her again to find out more about this important part of us that we just can’t see… Luckily, she obliged.

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First of all, what is energy healing? Is it a special gift that only certain people have?

Energy healing is the method of tapping into the guiding force that flows through all living things for the purpose of realigning spirit, mind and body.

Everybody has this gift, everybody. I never knew I was an intuitive person. It's something that can literally be taught because I learned it. When we're young, we have it, but either through parents or teachers, it can go away, or it's not enforced. Maybe as kids we could all see colors, or we could sense when someone was happy or sad. If that isn't nurtured, it goes away. So it's just about having an awareness of it and practicing it. I think that's where everything starts.

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What is an aura and what does it look like?

Your aura is like an energetic bubble that protects you from outside elements, and there are at least seven different layers within it. It’s not one standard color. Today, your aura may be pink. Tomorrow I might see that it’s amber, yellow or blue. It changes. The colors that do stay the same are your life force energy and your original essence energy, but auras are the first thing to look at when you're working with your energy because it's the first step of establishing your energetic boundaries.

 What are those life force and original essence energies?

Your life force shows up in your body in this lifetime, and your original essence energy is the energy of your spirit, so it is with you always and forever. I call that one “the big kahuna”. It’s a little bit more powerful than your life force, and it's always running through you.

What are some feelings people might experience if their aura is off?

Ideally, the aura’s a big, strong bubble around you, but they can become a little oblong or too close to your body. Sometimes they're open like a teepee in the back, or there’s hospital gown syndrome where the back is totally open.

If it’s too open, you might feel like you’re sensing and can feel everybody’s energy. You might be a little empathic, or when you leave work, you take work with you. If you get into an argument with your boss or a friend, sometimes you walk away feeling really tired or sluggish, or you can't get that argument out of your head. Often that's because your aura is weak, so making that full and strong makes you strong in your own energy, your own essence, and other people's stuff doesn't really affect you as much.

When you're overwhelmed or have too much going on, your spirit or aura might try to protect you and get a little too close or too tight, trying to form an additional layer. In that scenario, you feel like there's no way out, like, “how am I ever going to get out of this?” That's the best time to just take a moment, even if it's just 60 seconds, close your eyes and breathe, and imagine your aura or the bubble just puffing out even bigger outside of you and creating a safe space for you to breathe and relax.

When you're grounded, you're connected to the earth, and the things that you want come to you a lot easier because you're connected with this overarching force of Mother Nature, of earth.

Do all living things have auras? Like plants and dogs and other animals?

Everything has an energy, a life force to it, and that’s part of being here on this earth is that we're all connected. If you think of a garden, there are many different flowers, but it's all in the same bed of soil. I'd say we as humans, but also the trees and our pets, all have this similar connection to the same source, the same energy.

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What about chakras? What do they look like?

They look like funnels. There's almost like a long tube in the middle with cones on either side. There's a front and a back and an eye. Your chakras can dilate open and closed. They're just wheels of energy.

With the seven chakras, the lower three (which are basically the root of your spine, just below your navel and around your stomach) are the more physical chakras. Your heart connects the middle, and the top three (your throat, forehead - your intuition or third eye - and crown) all have to do with your connection to spirituality. It’s a bit more spiritual.

 How do you know if they’re imbalanced?

You can sense when your chakras might be out of balance because you are. You literally feel a little bit off. Something might not feel right, or you're wanting for more, or you feel like there's a lack or something you want to do, but you don't know how to start it.

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Your body will start to tell you too.  If your legs are hurting you, that's connected to your first chakra. Your first chakra has to do with physical and financial security. The other one that's coming up is your fifth chakra, your throat chakra. If you're not using your voice, or if you hold back from telling someone something, you might start to get a little throat ache or cough. You might feel your throat sort of constricting, the result of your chakra literally adjusting to or closing because you're not giving it power, or you're not using your energy.

Is there an easy way to know whether you have more blockages on the lower half or top half?

If you feel like you haven't used your creativity, or you feel like there's an untapped potential inside of you, or you feel like you're in a job that you don't like, or you're unhappy with where you live or how much money you're making... that all has to do with your lower chakras.

For the upper chakras... How connected do you feel within your life? How do you feel within your relationships? How connected do you feel to yourself or your partner within your life? Do you feel like you use your intuition, or do you overthink things? Those might be more the upper chakras.

The heart connects all of it. Do you give your heart away to people? How often do you show yourself love? How often do you do nice things for yourself? The heart chakra kind of connects the two layers or levels.

Do you have any personal daily routines?

I try to meditate for at least 10 minutes every day. I find when I meditate, life just flows a lot smoother. Journaling is another big thing that I try to do in the morning. And that's just to let out any chaotic or fearful thoughts, just like purging them from my system. And I like those angel tarot cards. I love picking one of those a day just to kind of get a sense for where I'm at in my life and what might be showing up later.

4 things you can start doing right now to strengthen your aura

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Guided meditations (like the Calm and Headspace apps). You can also imagine different colors (pink, indigo, gold or pearlescent white). Imagine your body being filled with those colors. You can see it as a waterfall slowly moving down through your body and then down through your grounding cord, through the earth and connecting with the core. Cobalt blue and indigo are very healing. It's almost medicinal. It's a great way to fill your body up if you can't sleep. If you're starting to feel a little sick, just coat yourself in pink. 

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Through intention, just say, "I want my aura nice and strong." You can close your eyes if you want and imagine a strong bubble around you, or figure out what your favorite flower is and then see a veil of flowers all the way around you. For me, I love orchids, so I just see those flowers all the way around me with myself kind of in the middle to make my aura full and strong. And that's not a one-and-done, "okay cool, I did that. It's going to be that way for the rest of the week." It's more habit forming. I recommend reaffirming your aura a couple times throughout the day when you're doing monotonous things like driving, biking, whatever. 

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Journaling is a great way to just release all the crap that you're keeping inside, and it's a safe way to let out any chaotic or fearful thoughts.

We have some much on our mind, so much that's jumbling around, and it really affects our energy body if we don't manage or relate that energy. Over time, if that doesn't happen, that's I think when disease shows up and people start to get sick because they haven't dealt with these feelings or thoughts that are stuck inside. 

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Just feel into your intuition and start playing with it. It might feel like a mystery because you can't see it, but you can definitely sense it. Notice when something comes up, that first hit, "Should I do this?" Ask yourself questions and notice how you feel with the responses: "Do I love my job?" Yeah, I fucking love it!" or "No, I hate it. I would be much happier doing something else, cool."

Maybe your friend starts talking about something and you're like "Oh my god, I love doing that." It's those subtle things that get you excited that you know that's the universe's energy trying to show you with red flashing lights "Do this. This is available to you." The signs are going to show up, and it's about being open and inquisitive, to start paying attention to what those signs are.

Does diet play a role at all with energy body health?

It definitely does. But it's more about your intention. I mean diet is how we survive and be healthy and all of that, but there's a difference between eating a piece of chocolate cake and telling yourself “This is going to make me fat. This is really bad for me.” versus “Oh my god, this is the best chocolate cake I've ever had. I love this! Thank you!” It's all with intention, and your body responds to what you tell it to do. We're told what is good and bad for us, but what we actually believe and how we use that information within our own lives is what matters.

Everyone has that little voice in their head. What do you think that little voice is? Where is it coming from?

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It’s probably your conscience… and your intuition… or it could be your ego. Learning to understand and differentiate what those are is important. “Is it my ego talking, or is it my intuition? Which one is which?” In that case, I recommend journaling it out and writing a question and just allowing yourself to free write and see what comes up. All of this work is so much about trusting yourself. That is bottom line. You know yourself better than anybody else. Start to learn when and how your body communicates with you. Just start to trust, understanding what that looks and feels like within your life.

We know you have a close connection to Spirit. If you had to pick one thing that you think the spirit world would want our audience and listeners to know right now, what would it be?

It's just to have fun. Life is about play, and we stress ourselves out and force or tell ourselves we're supposed to be doing this or that, and that is actually the complete opposite of what our lives are about. It's about having as much fun every single day as you possibly can.


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