Feng Shui 101

Stacy Davenport, a feng shui expert, life coach, Akashic Records consultant, hand analyst, teacher and author teaches us how to increase abundance, find true love, and transform your home to attract prosperity in your sleep!

The environment we live in is essentially a grid, and everything that happens in this grid leaves an energetic imprint. This is where feng shui comes in. Every square within your grid holds energetic space for various aspects of your life (career, money and relationships for example). Feng shui experts work with colors and elements to activate the different areas. Here is the feng shui grid, or the “bagua”. Think about how it applies to your home.

Feng Shui Grid_Bagua.jpg

As Stacy explained, “When we can understand that our environment either supports us or has a negative impact on us, we become empowered to have our environments really support us. Everything in your environment, down to the smallest detail of furnishing, décor and clutter can either further your goals in life or work against you.”

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Here are Stacy's Top 10 Feng Shui Tips to get your environment to start working for you:

Feng Shui Tips_Declutter.png

Including your closets and attics! Clutter blocks the flow of energy, which will keep you stuck in your life.

Feng Shui Tips_DUST.png

Dust holds our thought forms, so cleaning it leads to clarity.

Feng Shui Tips_Vacuum_Clean FLOORS.png

Get rid of the gunk. If you’ve got dirty carpets, that’s the energy, the foundation, for your life. Bring a consciousness of clean and tidy! Cleaning everything first is very important.

Feng Shui Tips_Question_Bring Joy

Look at the things you own and ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” Yes, no, maybe. Only surround yourself with objects and people you love. This will insure that the energy surrounding you is nurturing and conducive to health, happiness and prosperity.

Feng Shui Tips_Clean STOVE.png

The stove represents abundance. Placing a reflective object like a mirror or silver platter behind it can also assist in “doubling your abundance.”

Feng Shui Tips_Fix Anything Broken.png

Especially with plumbing and leaks. Water represents wealth, and nobody wants to see their money going down the drain.

Feng Shui Tips_Close Toilet Lids.png

and keep your bathroom doors closed! Place a mirror on the outside of your bathroom door to reflect the energy back into the house to keep your wealth from draining away.

Feng Shui Tips_PLANTS.png

Make sure all of your plants are alive and well. If a plant dies, replace it with a bigger and better one. Plants represent life, health and prosperity. Make sure to have one fresh floral arrangement in your house at all times.

Feng Shui Tips_Dont block entrances.png

If you have difficulty entering a home, opportunities will also meet difficulty. Clear all paths to keep the chi (energy) and opportunities flowing.

Feng Shui Tips_Car Impeccable.png

Cars represent our emotional bodies. 'Nuff said.

If this is sounding like a lot, start with dusting, cleaning your floors and getting rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

Stacy explained, “Have everything organized, tidy. If you’re looking for love but you have a pile of crap in the love and relationship corner, that’s going to hold you back from a potential relationship. If you have a dead plant in the abundance corner, it can impede your joy, happiness, connection and flow of money. Try to bring in colors and crystals that follow the grid (for example, amethyst can represent the purple color within the abundance corner).”

If you’re wondering why feng shui affects your energy so much, it’s because each square on the grid lines up with a chakra, so by applying feng shui to your home, you’re also balancing your chakras.

feng shui_tips_desk

Kaley: What about at work? What can you do in your desk or cubicle?

Stacy: I like to work with this grid layout on a desktop. It’s just about bringing in a level of consciousness. Having a place for everything. Rather than stacks of paper, create a folder to give them a place, like the Montessori school concept, “Where does it live?” If we have a place for things to go back to, they go back a lot easier.

If you have shoes everywhere, put a shoe rack right at your front door. We want consciousness. Our soul, our being wants consciousness.

Kaley: What if you live with messy people or have kids?

Stacy: Just do what you can. If you have kids, communicate to them, “This is the corner for love and partnership. Do you want more friends? When you keep it neat and put your toys away, that will help your family and friendships.”


If you're interested in working with Stacy, either in person or remotely, visit her website at www.stacydavenport.com, and don't miss this article where she shares how to live vertically instead of horizontally!

Now, excuse me while I go tidy up!