A Simple Full Moon Tea Ritual


The full moon marks a powerful time to get super clear on your goals and get your life back on track if you’ve been feeling out of sorts.

It’s a great time to think long-term about what you want to accomplish over the remainder of the year. If you’ve been overworked and stressed, schedule regular play dates so you can let your hair down and chill. Monthly massages, happy hours with girlfriends, nature walks and weekend getaways are just as important to your success as timely responses to your inbox.

Use the ritual below to amplify your desires. It's an easy way to slow down, reassess and get clear on your ambitions.

The Ritual


A simple way to honor yourself and your goals is to make a full moon tea on the night of the full moon (in this case, Tuesday night).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set an intention or make a wish for the next month.

  2. Fill a bowl with drinking water and place it in a window that faces the moon. Let the bowl of water soak up the moon’s glow overnight. (If you’d like to add crystals to your water, any one of these work well: Onyx, Galena, Chalcopyrite, Red Tiger's Eye, Rose Quartz).

  3. Make your own tea by adding 1 sprig Rosemary, 1 sprig Thyme, and a chamomile tea bag to the water (this part is optional, but tasty!), and let it soak in the water and the moonlight overnight.

Enjoy your tea every day for about two weeks, or until the new moon. As your drink your tea, honor yourself and your wish or intention.

Small rituals, such as making moon tea, help us remember our intentions and bring about our desires quicker. Happy tea making!

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