How to Quiet all the Clickbait

We are completely inundated with information these days. Information that doesn’t always serve our highest good.

A quick glance online tells you “The 10 lip glosses you need for spring” and "The best yoga pants of all time." Beyond the fluffy sales pitches are the headlines begging us to compare ourselves to other people, completely ignoring the fact that no two people are the same.

“20 women share their experience on birth control pills.”

“If you’re not using Vitamin C start right now.”

“The magical supplement Kim K takes to make her butt even bigger!” (I may have made this last one up, but you catch my drift.)

And then there’s the conflicting information and opinion.

“Shoot for the stars and don’t settle!” but “Accept yourself for where you are, and be grateful for what you have.”

“Embrace your body as it is, but check out this treadmill hack that can give your booty a serious boost.”

“Fruit is bad. Fruit is good. Eat intuitively (as long as you’re avoiding this list of 12 ingredients.)”

It’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole too. Just while doing a bit of research for this article, I couldn’t help but click on “Bella Hadid’s tip for getting a relaxing and restful night of sleep” while simultaneously asking myself why I cared what a 23-year-old supermodel does before bed?!

There are webinars catcalling from every corner telling us how to improve our businesses, our financial statuses, our bodies, our lives.

How could one possibly keep up? For every no there is a yes, and trust me (from someone who deep dives into every health and wellness site out there on a weekly basis), they are all saying pretty much the same thing.

With so many people telling us how to look, act, think and feel, how could we ever feel good enough? We are living in a content overload, and I’d be shocked if it wasn’t taking a toll on our collective confidence.

And with everyone coming out of the woodwork to offer their assistance, I can’t help but wonder if this has made us rely too heavily on outer influences instead of ourselves.

All the guidance we need is already inside, sometimes it’s just hard to hear.


So how do we quiet all the noise?

As humans, we love to put ourselves in buckets and categories. Who doesn’t love those quizzes “What kind of femtrepreneur are you? Savvy or go-getter?” “Carrie or Miranda?”

Quiet comes with accepting, appreciating and embracing our extreme individuality and learning to trust ourselves.

The rest doesn’t really matter because no one will ever know you as well as you do. It doesn’t matter how 20 other women feel about birth control because every single woman on this planet is so vastly different, and there are many outlying factors that make us feel the way we feel. Vitamin C or any other supplements the supermodels are taking might be good for you, but I would first figure out how you’re actually feeling (because no magazine or website will ever understand that) and then consult a legit nutritionist or naturopath to craft a plan more perfect for you.

I for one realized that whenever something was awry or I had a big decision to make, I had become heavily programmed (either by myself or others, who really knows) to first think “who can help?” rather than tap into my own inner guidance and intuition.

What I’ve realized is that those little voices inside our heads are there for a reason: to guide us. We just need to trust ourselves enough to listen to them. The more we train ourselves to listen, the louder and more helpful those voices become, and the easier decisions are to make without the help of anyone else.

Disconnect Close out all of the outer distractions. You don’t need them.

Meditate Quiet the mind to make room for your intuition.

Journal your thoughts Your problems will no longer seem so big, your decisions no longer so complex. You might be thinking you have enough on your plate. I haven’t been able to commit to a daily practice on this one, so I make it a point to meditate and journal on every new and full moon (twice a month). New moons symbolize blank slates and fresh starts. Full moons are a good time to check in to see how you’re tracking against your plans and intentions. I’ve found my inner guidance to be much stronger during these times, and it forces me to set short-term goals for the month ahead.

Listen to the voice inside your head and follow your intuition It’s easy to ignore, but it’s always right. Notice outer vs inner influences. Trust yourself.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we need help. Our problems have a way of seeming bigger than ourselves, and sometimes you just need a second opinion.

All I’m asking is, what if these experts were our second or last resort instead of our first? Let’s not skip over our our own inner guidance in our search for a shortcut. Once you listen to your inner guidance, all else (the tactics, the expert advice, the dietary and lifestyle changes) will follow.

trust intuition.png