1 Easy Exercise to Live a More Balanced Life

You know that feeling when your 9-5 feels more like a 95-hour work week? And coming home to a list of to-dos is the last thing you want to do? And then with only two days a week to decompress, your schedule is suddenly packed with places to go and people to see? Yea, me too. When it gets this busy, it’s easy to put the things you love to do, like painting, yoga or taking a relaxing bubble bath, on the backburner. So how do you get out of this rut of responsibility?

Stacy Davenport, our feng shui expert, is also a life coach. She shares one simple exercise you can do when you’re feeling a little lost or just craving more balance in life. Try it out!

Look at the wheel of life.

wheel of life.PNG
  1. Identify how fulfilling each area of life is on a scale of 1-10

  2. Pinpoint the low-ranking areas

  3. Prioritize the low-ranking areas by where you are craving the most attention

  4. Spend more time in those areas

Example: If you ranked Career as a 10 and Family as a 9, but you have a 2 in Fun and Recreation, pencil in a girls night, catch a concert, take your dog to the park, go wine tasting! No excuses! :)


Not everyone has the same values, so don’t feel like you need to use this wheel of life. Just think about 3-6 core values, spend time with them, and nurture them.

“It’s about creating balance in all aspects of yourself,” Stacy explained.

Since Stacy is so connected to the divine, I asked her what one thing she thought the spirit world would want us all to know. She responded...

“Align with your truth that’s in your heart, nurture it, and don’t allow anyone to derail you.”

If you're interested in working with Stacy, in person or remotely, check out her website at www.stacydavenport.com. Don't miss our previous articles where she shares the importance of living vertically and feng shui 101.

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