How to Soak Up the Magic of a New Moon


Think of a new moon (date of new moon + 48 hours) as a time when Earth becomes a little extra magical. Our sky goes dark as our moon takes a vacation from illuminating our way, inviting us to pause and reflect on the direction our lives are headed.  

New Moons are like nature’s reset button. They signify new beginnings and offer a chance to alter the course we’re on in favor of one that’s more aligned with our current goals and aspirations.

How to benefit from a new moon

Use a new moon to practice gratitude and articulate your desires.

Optional supplies

Relaxing beverage
Art Supplies

New moon ritual

  1. Take a few slow, deep breaths to calm and center yourself, calling in love with each inhale and releasing stress or negativity with every exhale.

  2. Close your eyes and reflect on the past month, focusing your attention on all that is good in your life. You may wish to write down names, opportunities or experiences that have brought you joy. Notice how your body feels as you acknowledge your life.

  3. Shift your focus to the next month. What would you like to achieve? Create? Experience? Make a new moon wish list, writing down of 5-10 intentions for the next month.

  4. Close your eyes and visualize–in your mind’s eye–yourself experiencing your intentions. Use your imagination to see yourself living as if your intentions have already come true. You may also wish to draw or create a vision board of yourself experiencing your intentions. Pay attention to any negative beliefs that come up in this step. Do you need to alter your intention slightly to accept the outcome?

  5. After you feel complete with step four, release your attachment to the outcome of your intentions by saying, “I release all attachment I have toward my desires. I accept myself and my life completely. I am safe, I am loved, I am supported. And so it is.” You may choose to burn your written intentions or new moon drawing to further disconnect from the outcome.

A pro tip: Handwriting your intentions instead of typing them is said to be more effective

A new moon can be a powerful time to reflect and redirect your life. Take advantage of tonight’s new moon to set yourself up for more abundance, love, and success for the next month!