The Superpowers You Never Knew You Had

The rise of The Feminine has begun, and with it, a massive shift in women’s health away from the masculine-driven approach of conventional medicine towards a more intuitive, natural approach focused on “syncing” with the menstrual cycle.

Syncing with your cycle is so important when it comes to living energetically and joyfully in the female body. It’s essentially working with the efforts of your body instead of against its undying attempts at keeping you happy and healthy.


Just like we don’t expect flowers to bloom in the winter, we shouldn’t expect our bodies to be active 24/7. Forcing ourselves to be on-the-go and energized on a daily basis depletes our resources and can lead to fluctuations in weight, stress and anxiety, acne and health issues, while working with the body’s natural cycle is proven to increase energy, clear up skin, lower anxiety and depression, make it easier to lose weight, and give us an overall feeling of power in our own skin.

The human body has very few things that it does all the time (with some notable exceptions). Just like nature, the human body is primed for growth and decay, action and rest, introspection and communication. Living in tune with these phases is the key to health and happiness.

If you’ve ever had so many self-care and healing routines on your plate that it became completely overwhelming, we’ve been there. Here’s how to recenter.

Syncing with your cycle

Living in sync with your cycle is understanding that the female body has built-in ebbs and flows that are occurring all the time. The problem is, we were never taught about them, and most of us are largely unaware that they even exist!

In a standard 28-day cycle (which can be shorter or longer, depending on your body), there are 4 distinct phases, and your period starts on day one.

Each phase is based on what’s going on with the body during that time, and eating the right foods and doing the right activities during each phase will help balance the body.  

For example, the second phase of the cycle, called the Rise Phase, is a-a-amazing for having the willpower and energy to start new healthy habits with more success. If you’ve ever successfully dieted and later tried to pick it back up only to fall back on old habits, chances are you were just trying to start something new at the wrong time. Nutrient dense foods like bone broth, leafy greens, berries and organ meats (or liver pills from Vital Proteins for an alternative) are the best foods to eat during this time.

If the 2nd phase is about action, the 4th phase of the cycle (the Pause phase) is about retrospection, reflection and planning. We often feel pushed to go-go-go all the time, but by the 4th phase, your body needs rest to propel you boldly through creative bursts and times of action. Try chamomile and lavender teas for relaxation or liquid chlorophyll for detoxification during this phase.

The rise of The Feminine


By syncing with our cycles, we can heal mentally and physically. As we heal, the remarkable superpowers within our divine femininity can awaken. Our superpower to renew. Our superpower to create. Our superpower to express. Our superpower to nurture.

Let’s harness these superpowers to live out our passions and make our world a better place.

To learn more about syncing with your cycle, visit Zesty Ginger.

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