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What the stars have in store: Reevaluate & Reconnect.
Venus, the planet of love and divine femininity, will be going retrograde Friday, nudging us to reassess our relationships and embrace the “wild woman” we were all born to be. Think about how you feel, and write down what you can do to welcome more love for yourself and others into your life.

If your relationship is feeling a bit stale, put your mind to re-pursuing the passion. Believing that reviving the romance is possible is just as important as the steps you can take to correct it, like touching and hugging more.

For a little fun, find out what your zodiac’s sexual pitfalls are and (in the spirit of retrograde) how to reverse them!

It ain’t all fun and games
If the Kavanaugh-Blasey news is stirring up bad memories or feelings from the past, here’s what you can do about it. Know that a more fierce and protective form of self-compassion is sometimes needed to heal. Draw boundaries for yourself and speak up when you feel something isn’t right. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, do whatever it takes in that moment to bring yourself comfort, joy and laughter, whether it be some solo self-care, an indulgent treat or a girls night out. Instead of avoiding painful feelings, it’s important to let yourself feel all the feels in order to get through them. Help yourself along the way by journaling, letting yourself cry, talking it out and doing a 30 minute meditation followed by 30 minutes of exercise twice a week.

Our friend Cindy Tomek felt moved by the news to share her own firsthand experiences with sexual harassment and what she hopes will come out of this landmark case. Read it here.

What’s worse than blocking it out?
Blacking out. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t seem to remember anything from the night before, we’ve got the scientific reason why! Put simply, the alcohol targets receptors in the brain (like the ones in charge of things like emotions and recollection) and stops signals that solidify memory. While a blackout doesn’t necessarily do permanent damage to the brain, it’s basically a “gap in time, where the brain is not producing any memory,” and too many blackouts could lead to serious health problems like cancer, heart issues, liver problems and brain deficits…. Cheers?

So hot right now

Runcations, where you trade in your flip flops for running shoes.

Black cohosh supplements or tea for cramps and hormonal imbalances, and green tea extract for weight-loss woes (as always, talk with your doc before taking!).

Hipcamp (aka Airbnb for camping).


This week’s challenge is to bring your own coffee mug to the coffee shop instead of ordering ahead or purchasing a single-use cup.

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