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Happy News
In an effort to tackle world hunger, Aggressively Organic developed “Plant Pods,” a micro-gardening system that can grow more lettuce in a 10-foot room than on a half-acre of farmland. It’s soil-less, better for the environment and more nutritious. Bravo.

Moon Wisdom: Stay Strong. Stay centered. 
This week ahead, simply put, is all over the place — there’s a ton of tricky energy in the atmosphere. Take some time to meditate to prepare yourself to go with the flow and to keep you on your toes throughout the busy week.

Monday and Tuesday will be the hardest days of the week since Mercury, the planet of communication, is still lingering in Aries (even though it’s Taurus season!). You’ll experience friction in what you’re saying, thinking and doing. Finding balance between work and self-care will be a true struggle, but it’s what you need most at this time. It may require you to harvest a little more energy, but try to make a more conscious effort during verbal and written exchanges to make sure you’re fully articulating your ideas.

Don’t worry, it gets better! On Wednesday, the moon moves into Pisces, and it will be the beginning of an innovative lunar cycle that will carry you to the end of the week. You’ll feel harmony in the atmosphere, which will remind you of your life drivers, hopes and dreams. Take advantage of this energy, Zistas! Plan a small happy hour with co-workers, or invite your closest friends over for an intimate homemade dinner. It’s the best day of the week to chat and build on new and existing relationships. Good luck!

Let’s get physical
Ever wonder how to get out of a workout slump now that spring has sprung? We sat down with a fitness coach to get the 411 on workout mantras, office cupcakes, and how much time you really need to devote to your workout (it’s not as long as you think!). Read it here.

I like your face
Try massaging it! Your shoulders aren’t the only place stress weasels into, and if you’re dealing with emotional stress, chances are it’ll show up in your face. If you’ve got 5-10 minutes, try these face-massaging techniques to help you unwind, plump up your cheeks and get rid of puffy eyes.

What’s that smell?
Next time you’re feeling out of sorts, check your nose. This girl explores how one scent can help you reconnect to your soul’s passion and fondest memories.  


When you're feeling socially awkward...
Being true to yourself can feel like a challenge sometimes, especially in these days of trying to keep up with the Kardashians. Learn how to embrace your uniqueness and forget about trying to impress other people.

Good news for burrito bowl lovers everywhere!
White rice could actually be a healthier option than brown rice. It carries less arsenic, and it’s easier to digest.

There’s a right and wrong way for everything…
Even washing your produce. Skip the commercial product - water is a more effective germ-buster. And avoid using a brush to scrub your fruits and veggies, your hands will do just fine. Just wait until you’re about to eat it to wash it. (You don’t want to create an unnecessary stomping ground for bacteria.)

The grass is always greener
But should it be? The average lawn gets up to 10x as much chemical pesticides as commercial farmland, with U.S. homeowners using more than 3 million tons of synthetic lawn fertilizers and 70 million pounds of lawn pesticides and herbicides. These are toxic to people, pets and wildlife, and about 65% of these chemicals find their way into our water supply. If that’s not enough to think about, lawn mowers and weed-wackers emit more waste into the air than cars and trucks. Whoa. The good news is there are more natural ways to a beautiful yard.

Improving the soil, choosing the right grass for your yard conditions, overseeding in the fall, mowing often but not as short, watering about an inch a week, and using compost for fertilizer are all more eco-friendly ways to a yard that will have your neighbors green with envy!

Taking a summer road trip?
California, New York, Nevada, Florida and Illinois are said to be the top 5 most fun states. Something tells me Texas won’t be too happy about this one.

Such a tease
Psychiatrist Stephen Snyder, M.D. says couples avoid arousal unless it’s leading to sex, but it’s a great way to keep your romance alive. Get aroused together every day, even if there isn’t time or energy for sex. While it can be frustrating having to wait, a little frustration can be a little erotic too...

Counting sheep not doing the trick?
Try these essential oil concoctions for a deep and restful sleep:
Lavender + Cedarwood + Bergamot
Vetiver + Cedarwood + Roman Chamomile
Neroli + Lavender + Frankincense.

"What if I fall?
Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?"

- Erin Hanson