Hello sugar.

Moon Wisdom
June’s full moon appears on Wednesday in Capricorn, a time to relax and reflect on your year so far. Think back to where you were in the cold months of January, your new year’s resolutions and the time and space between then and now. How have you grown? What have you experienced? Who have you met? You are not the same person you were six months ago. You are constantly evolving, shifting, moving, changing, growing, and those experiences don’t always feel good, or easy, or fun. Use this full moon to honor who you are. Ground yourself in the present, knowing that you’re being taken care of by the invisible forces that influence everyday life.

Journaling Prompt:  What do I wish to create for myself over the next six months? How have I stretched myself to achieve my goals over the past six months?

What are you doing here?

“Data shows that a purpose-driven life is imperative for wellbeing.” Setting serious goals and surrounding yourself with good people are the key to brain health, paving the way for positivity in all areas of your life. You know that friend that’s always dragging you down? Bye, Felicia.

Make love, not war

There’s a new practice going around: women celebrating other women in “praise circles.” The practice began out of a desire for women to share their true power, which stems from a woman’s self-esteem, creativity and intuition.

How it works: Sit in a circle with friends or strangers and take turns complimenting each other. If you don’t know the other people in the circle, that’s cool. Tap into your innate intuition and compliment your fellow circle-mates by starting out with, “What I get about you is…” It’ll be a gas!

Need the perfect setting? Check out this summer harvest potluck picnic! It’s a great way to celebrate the fresh flavors of summer.


The risks of sharing a bar soap…

...are zero. It turns out that you can share a bar of soap with an entire health club, and you’ll remain safe from disease. Not jealous of the humans involved in this study.

Attention night owls

We know sleep is important, but now it looks like an early bedtime could even prevent depression. A recent study that followed women over a 4-year period determined that women who defined themselves as night owls were 6 percent more likely to develop depression than women who defined themselves as early risers.

Zen tip: A teaspoon of honey before bed promotes sleep!

Suga, suga how ya get so fly?

Or shall we say hidden? A lot of sneaky brands have tried to cover up how much added sugar is really in their products by using a combination of various sugar monikers like sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, barley malt, dextrose, maltose and rice syrup. They use different combinations to get the most nutritious-sounding ingredients on the label first.

Luckily, the FDA has demanded a label makeover that calls out the number of grams of added sugar. Keep an eye out, and try to keep your sugar intake below 25 grams a day.

App Happy

All we hear about these days is the negative side effects of social media and smartphones (shorter attention spans and lower self-esteem ring a bell?). However, there is a growing number of apps geared towards increasing happiness and mindfulness through guided meditation, journaling and life coaching. Don’t discount it just because it’s on your phone. Gotta start somewhere, and a guided meditation on your phone can be much more approachable on your morning commute than anything solo.

When you’ve exhausted Netflix and OnDemand...

Try a documentary instead! We’ve got you covered.

So hot right now

Kundalini Yoga. Even if you’re not the yoga type, you can also use it in the bedroom. The key takeaway? Quality over quantity. Align your bodies, align your breath. Boogey down.

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