A little magic

Happy news
Walking officially counts as exercise! Grab your pup, and make sure you’re working in 100 steps per minute.

What the stars have in store
Things could get a little crazy this month between an intense Aries energy blazing in and two eclipses, the first happening on Thursday. Emotions will be running high and full of passion.

If you have something to say, now is the time to take a stand! Take action, but do not be tempted by pettiness and turn your attention towards positive progress instead. Believe in your power, and stop procrastinating. Now is the time for a major breakthrough or transformation in your life.

In the face of chaos, stay cool, cucumber.

Do you believe in magic?

It might be time to take the leap. Objects or talismans (like something as silly as a stuffed animal) can help people get through serious sickness, proving that the power of the mind can influence health outcomes. At some point, knowledge (like a doctor’s word) overshadowed faith, but the latter should not be forgotten.

There are some things that science just can’t explain, and supplementing conventional medicine with a small beacon of hope, something to believe in, could close the gap that’s essential for survival.

Nothing could be worse than smoking, right?

Wrong. And it’s something as unsuspecting as oils. We’re not talking about olive oil or coconut here, but it’s time to say farewell to anything with soy, sunflower, safflower, canola, corn, cottonseed, hydrogenated or refined palm oils (teaser: they’re in almost all processed foods). In a word, they’re toxic.

With so much nutrition information out there today, you have to pick your priorities, but this is a good place to start.

Bad Egg(s)

When it comes to sexual harrassment, look not at the creep but instead the company.

The strongest predictor of sexual harassment is actually company culture. Speak up to keep bad behavior at bay, and if your organization doesn’t seem to take harassment seriously, head for the hills.

Before you hit that snooze…

Just know that it could make you even groggier than if you just got up the first time your alarm went off since it messes with your circadian rhythm.

So hot right now
Kintsugi. The Japanese practice of fixing broken pottery with golden glue, embracing the flaws of a treasured object. Incorporate this philosophy into your life by embracing your body and always considering yourself a work in progress.

Photo courtesy of PopSugar

Photo courtesy of PopSugar

Working outside has its perks, like stress reduction, higher quality, more creative ideas, higher productivity and healthier, happier coworkers. Bonus, granted.

Imposter Syndrome. That feeling of inadequacy in the face of praise or recognition. Trust us, you do deserve it.

No-phone brunches where the first person to touch their phone pays the bill!

Oh my darling, it's true. Beautiful things have dents and scratches too.

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