Best served room temperature

Happy News
With Alzheimer’s on the rise, encouraging news came when a new drug slowed memory loss and reduced plaque in the brain. Doctors seem hopeful this is an important milestone in the fight against the disease. 

What the stars have in store: Relax & Reflect
The AstroTwins said it best, “Be patient while the circus rolls through town.” There will be a lot of people vying for the spotlight as the sun and Mercury retrograde move through charismatic and confident Leo, but heavy is the head who wears the crown.

It might be best to take a step back and take it easy until Saturday’s quarter moon in Taurus brings back some more sensibility. Now is not the best time to start a new project but rather reflect on your life and wrap up any loose ends before the new moon brings us a fresh slate for new beginnings.

It might be tempting to cool down with a big glass of ice water, but Eastern healing practices like Ayurveda say that cold water puts out the digestive fire and slows the metabolism, leading to imbalance and a whole slew of health issues. In a hot and cold world, this is one small win for room temperature.


Feelin’ the flow…
Isn’t always a good thing. If PMS looms over you every month like a grumpy, bloated, crying, crampy cloud, there are tons of natural remedies that can be just as effective and longer-lasting without the side effects of aspirin or ibuprofen, like:

Seed cycling, where you eat 1 tbsp of flax or pumpkin seeds daily during the first half of your cycle to boost estrogen and 1 tbsp of sesame or sunflower seeds daily during the last half of your cycle to boost progesterone. It supposedly helps balance hormones and lessen PMS symptoms, fatigue & sleep issues, infertility and irregular periods... It’s basically a new way to “eat like a bird.”

Herbal supplements: Mint, lemon, honey, ginger and licorice all help soothe the stomach and digestive issues, while a blend of Chinese peony root, bupleurum root, and cyperus rhizome or Valerian can help with mood swings or that “I just cried during a commercial” moment. Anti-inflammatory herbs like curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric), dong quai root and Chinese skullcap can all help with aches and pains.

And fennel seed, ginger root and cinnamon pack a powerful punch against PMS too.

“What do you do?”
Everyone’s favorite question, right? Next time, try these tips to think beyond your job title and open up more opportunities for connection. Think about what you want to be known for and which problems you are especially good at solving (if you’re stuck, ask a friend or colleague for help!), and craft that into a single sentence. Open up and let yourself be a little more vulnerable to let your true personality and passion shine through. No label or title can do you justice.

The “perfect” storm
The bar’s been set pretty high these days. One look at Instagram tells you that everyone has the “perfect” food, the “perfect” body, and the “perfect” relationship. It’s hard not to hold ourselves to the same standard. But perfectionism itself is impossible, and so striving for it only sets us up for failure.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t put your all into the things that matter most, but personality psychologist Thomas Curran explains that there’s a big difference between perfectionism and positive traits like conscientiousness, perseverance, and diligence.

Don’t let comparisons and self-limiting beliefs (like “I’m not good enough”) shape your reality. Accept yourself as you are, get clear on what you want out of life and enjoy the process. As psychotherapist Peter Crone said, “This to me is possibly the greatest quality of being human—we get to create who we choose to be along with the life we want. Easy? Not at all, but if it were, it wouldn’t be so fulfilling… [You are] simultaneously a masterpiece and a work in progress.” 

So hot right now

Face gyms (as in a gym for your face), where a “trainer” uses her hands and tools (like mini yoga balls to stretch the face, radio frequency for puffiness and dermarollers for blood circulation and collagen production) to stimulate the facial muscles and restore the skin's elasticity. Now for only $70-275, you can have yourself a new face for almost 24 hours, what a steal! 

Mindful (or intuitive) eating. And Headspace’s new 10-day meditation series can help you start. 

Deet-free bug spray. Buy our favorite here.*

To embrace our humanity is to embrace imperfection.
- Peter Crone

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