Summer lovin'

Happy news: You are beautiful
In a recent poll of thousands of women, 66% said they find themselves beautiful. We still have a ways to go to get to 100, but we’re gonna chalk this up as progress in the body positive movement.

What the stars have in store: Nothin’ but love
Lovey-dovey Venus will be flirting her way through Libra, bringing romance and harmony to your relationships… or maybe even a summer fling. Don’t be surprised if an old flame makes a re-appearance. Just be careful not to be too impulsive with love or spending this week.

A solar new moon eclipse is coming Saturday! This is all about you. What do you want and desire? What changes or improvements do you want to make? This eclipse will help reveal the steps necessary to get you there. Hello, new chapter.

Actions speak louder than words
Too bad we can’t punch our inner critic in the face. Try these tips instead. When self-criticism rears its ugly head, become consciously aware of it. Listen to the tone - is it scolding or berating? Does it sound like anyone from your childhood? Hear it, but don’t let it get to you. You are strictly an observer. Re-label any phrases of self-condemnation like “you should be ashamed of yourself” with tags of “self-criticism.”

Turn to your inner nurturer. You can even create a “caring committee” with different characters of varying support and wisdom within you. These can be real people like friends or family or fictional characters. Make them your allies against your inner critic and argue back any time criticism comes forward as a united front. Look at your inner critic as something or someone who lacks credibility, like the bully who always has something to say or a villainous character. See yourself the way others see you - as a good person. Let that sense of confidence fill your mind and sink into your soul again and again until it becomes inherent in you.

Want to quit your job?
Join the club. 43% of millennials envision leaving their jobs within the next couple years, and Gen Z-ers are even less loyal. This got me thinking about my own distaste for corporate America. Check out my thoughts on the issues, what I’ve learned from taking the leap and how you can take a step forward in the pursuit of happiness here.


Left hand, red. Right foot…
Blue Zones are communities where people live longer and healthier than average. While all of the cultures are vastly different (Sardinia, Okinawa, Ikaria), they do share some commonalities that we can all learn from.

People in these zones wake up with a purpose. They eat earlier in the day and save their smallest meals for later, they’re part of faith-based communities and opt for healthier lifestyles, put family first and keep their elderly close. They incorporate natural movement (outside of a gym) into their day and do their own housework. They pencil in daily rituals to relax and release the stress of the day, eat more plants and much smaller amounts of meat (about 5 times a month), and (drum roll please)... they drink 1-2 glasses of wine daily.

How can you be a little more blue?

It was 10pm and the little one said,
“Roll over, you’re right on time.” the human body works best when we fall asleep about three hours after sunset and wake with the sunrise. Modern life pushes us away from this evolutionary schedule, but getting back on track can work wonders on the psyche.

Protect yourself. Practice safe...
Cell phone usage. While the jury’s still out on the dangers of cell phones, it’s looking like they could be linked to brain cancer, sleep issues and reproductive problems due to the radiation they emit. To practice safer cell phone use, use a headset or speaker, text instead of call when you can, wait until your signal is strong to make a call, hold your phone away from your body when it’s in use, and don’t store your phone in your pocket or under your pillow.

So hot right now
Human Design, or “the contract your soul makes with the universe about who you came to be, what you came to do, and what karma you came to correct this lifetime around.” It basically says that everyone has been designed differently, but we’ve been conditioned to think or act the same way based on societal norms, moving us away from our highest selves. To get back in touch, we must first de-condition ourselves back to who we were before the world told us how to be. Get your own body graph done to reconnect with your unique qualities and talents here.

“Clean” aka lab-grown meat. Making cows and chickens rejoice and hitting grocery stores everywhere later this year.

The rubbing-toothpaste-on-boobs-to-make-them-firmer-and-bigger trend. I’m going to make this easy and leave it at “it doesn’t work.”

Hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and plump. Just make sure you apply to damp skin to avoid a reverse effect!

Are you a big procrastinator? Here’s an exercise for you.


The most difficult thing is the decision to act.
The rest is merely tenacity.

Amelia Earhart

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