Hips don't lie

What the stars have in store: Get ‘er done
After a somewhat emotionally-charged summer thanks to a few eclipses and a certain moonwalking planet that rhymes with Bercury, things will finally be settling down come Monday as Mars makes its way through ambitious Capricorn. Now is the perfect time to stop procrastinating and get down to business. Think about whether a collaboration with someone can help you meet your goals, and use this weekend’s quarter moon as a good excuse to spend time with a loved one.

Before you do, though...
Learn how to rekindle the old flame of desire by first reconnecting with yourself. We are all born with a great deal of power and intense femininity (or what sex and intimacy expert Michaela Boehm calls “the wild woman”) that make us the intelligent and intuitive women we are, but a lifetime of social conditioning molds us into a sliver of our true selves. Daily stressors further desensitize us and dull our senses and feelings, desire being one of them.

Find your fire by disconnecting from stressors like technology and moving your lower body with awareness and intention. Notice where there is tightness or tension in your body. Use simple movements of the hips, thighs, and lower body (like hip circles or dancing) to get energy flowing again and to counteract the effects of excessive thinking or worrying. Bring more awareness to simple moments of sensuality, like your hair grazing your shoulder or a sweet taste on your tongue. Bringing awareness to your own body will lead to more sensuality with a partner.

Photo by  Carlota Guerrero

Awareness at work
While you’re shaking those hips, you may as well practice mindfulness at work too. As a manager, the goal is to create an environment where everyone on your team can thrive. Before you walk into a meeting, set an intention. This is not the meeting objective, it is the attitude or approach you plan to bring to it like positivity, support, vulnerability or perspective. Whatever it is, it should be based on what you feel the people in the room need to be successful. After the intention is set, commit to being fully present. No distractions like emails or thinking about your to-do list. Listen carefully and do not interrupt or start thinking about your response before they’re finished.

Not sold? Employees with “mindful” managers tend to have lower emotional exhaustion and stress, have a better sense of work-life balance and higher productivity, are more emotionally intelligent and become better managers themselves.

“When you walk into your next meeting remember that it’s about everyone who’s there except you.”

Just. Can’t. Get. Motivated.
Sound familiar? While we tend to to look outward for advice in meeting our goals and staying motivated, it turns out that giving advice is actually more helpful, because giving advice to someone in a similar situation builds confidence. Sometimes, we know a lot more than we think we know, and talking it out can be very empowering. Next time you’re in a slump, try offering some advice to a friend on the subject.

It’s always something, isn’t it?
Coconut oil has been deemed bad. CBD oil good. “Superbugs” (or bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics) are taking over about 80% of our store-bought meat. And while everyone’s hawkin’ collagen, it’s actually not all it’s cracked up to be.

Health fads come and go, but it really comes down to just 5 habits that will help you live a longer life: not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, moving your body and exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and veggies and low in processed foods and red meat, and drinking in moderation (or ideally not at all). Easier said than done.

If you just hate working out...
Your grade school gym class could be to blame. Being chosen last and critical gym teachers can have lasting impacts on how people feel about physical activity. Don’t let mean Mr. Morrison keep you static. Get moving by trying out some activities you think you’ll enjoy, like a dance class, gardening, or a stroll around a new neighborhood.

Send help
Mother Earth is about to go apesh*t on us—wait, let me rephrase that, she already has. Our health depends on the health of the ocean, and the ocean is sick.

Algae species are increasingly accumulating and forming blooms, which can produce toxins that cause severe respiratory, gastrointestinal and neurological problems if we eat seafood or drink the water. This is just another hint that us humans need to be much more gentle with the planet.

In case you missed it last week, a trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. Nearly a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute. Americans toss millions of plastic straws every day. 9 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year (meaning, at this point, there are hundreds of millions of tons of plastic waste in our oceans.) Find my easy commitments to cut down on plastic pollution here.

So hot right now
Nice-smelling pits. LFA says to pair a Thai crystal deodorant stone with a probiotic spray for an affordable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to deodorant.

Full bush.

Pumpkin everything. Even face masks. Already.

Placebo pills. People are actually paying for them. And they are actually working.

“I got you, just control your mind,”
- the Universe