Love you to the moon

What the stars have in store: All the feels
As Venus and the new moon in Cancer sashay across the sky this week, take a deep breath and revel in the loving and nurturing femininity surrounding you. The week will be filled with emotion as we near the partial eclipse on Thursday, and you may feel lovingly encouraged to step up your game to shape your own reality. Think of your world as clay - what do you want to create?

It’s going to be a confusing summer. Be patient and wait for things to unfold before you. Now is the time to slow down, listen to your intuition and take time for yourself. Take note of old patterns and let go of any jealous, controlling thoughts. Positive change will follow. The new moon in Cancer reminds us that a gentle and compassionate approach can be the most powerful too.

Taste the rainbow
We eat with our eyes, so the prettier and more colorful the fridge, the easier it will be to break bad eating habits. Make a rainbow with your fruits and veggies, so as soon as you open that door you can’t help but reach for something nutritious.


Bonus: Fruits and vegetables will also help keep you cool off this summer. Stay chill by skipping salty foods and eating less protein. The trick is small, frequent meals this season.

Where have all the [babies] gone?
Fertility is at an all-time low in America with personal freedom, being single and financial concerns topping the reasons why. Women now feel more power to choose as well and could be concerned with stalling their careers. High employment and high fertility don’t have to be in conflict, but the gov would need to take a page out of Germany or Japan’s book and chip in for child care and policies that encourage parents to share child care help.

Don’t panic
If you feel anxiety kicking in, try these hacks from therapists across the country. Plunge your hands into ice water or splash your face with cold water, write down your worries or fears and then ask yourself whether each one is a fact or opinion, give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable - fighting it can make it worse, repeat a calming phrase like “I am safe, and I am loved,” or clench your fists and take deep breaths in and out, slowly softening your grip each time until your fingers are stretched wide.

But watch the deep breaths
You might be an “over-breather.” Yup, there’s apparently a right and wrong way to breathe. So how do you know if you are breathing right? Inhale and notice whether you’re filling up your belly with air or if it is stopping at your chest. Sitting at desks and being told to look thin all these years have led to bad breathing habits, but as you inhale, your stomach should be expanding.

Keep calm and coffee on
A cup of joe’s been proven to help you live longer.

Looking for an excuse to make love more? Here are 7.
Oh, and your fantasies might not be as taboo as you think. There is actually a lot of overlap among the things men and women fantasize about with threesomes, BDSM and novelty like new positions and toys topping the charts.

About 3% said they fantasized frequently about being a furry or an adult baby …

Make a wish
That your flowers will last longer, and toss a penny (minted before 1982) into the water. Your bouquet will last longer and you won’t have so much change weighing down your wallet, win win.

So hot right now

Ginger oil for aches and pains.

Transformative travel. Because piña coladas and all-inclusive buffets ain’t gonna cut it anymore.


Let the beauty you love be what you do.

- Rumi

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