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Glitter on...

How to prioritize happiness over a stable income, sorting through supplements, the more feminine and intuitive approach to health that’s sweeping the country, one phrase for any uncomfortable moment, using “love hacks” to help your relationship, deciphering superfoods and why everyone’s raving about CBD oil

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All you need is ❤

The quarter moon in Virgo, psychedelics making a comeback, evening routines, how to raise the vibration of your home, the problem with fast fashion, how to beat stinky feet, kicking the week off on the right foot, shower plants, straw pollution and the danger of gel manicures.

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So hot right now

Mountaintop consciousness and becoming an observer, all about leaky gut, a firsthand account of ayahuasca, how to shop for gluten free bread, ingredients to avoid while grocery shopping, matcha margaritas, egg freezing and good advice from older women

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A spring in her step

Plant pods are tackling world hunger, how to work up the motivation to get back in the gym, facial massages for stress relief, how smell is linked to memory and emotion, white rice healthier than brown, the right way to wash produce, natural lawn care, how to keep your romance alive and the best essential oils for sleep.

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Over The Moon

How to make the most of the full moon in Scorpio, gong bath meditation, overcoming financial ptsd, using appreciation to strengthen your relationship, the impact of feminine hygiene products on pollution and why everyone’s dry brushing

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